Professional Irrigation Services

Our expert installers treat every yard as though it was their own. Water Works Unlimited also uses Rain Bird irrigation products. Rain Bird has been the industry leader for over 75 years. Rain Bird designs and manufactures irrigation products with the highest value and quality.

Your leisure time is already at a premium…

So why spend too much of it wrestling with tangled hoses and sprinkler equipment to get a picture-perfect lawn? Even then, you can’t be sure of getting the result you want.

Avoid Weather Damage With Winterization Services

Raleigh Landscaping CompanyRather than risk weather damage and avoidable maintenance cost to your landscape’s products, contact the experts for your winterization services today! We have been maintaining and servicing dozens of customers in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas in beautiful North Carolina. Regardless of how your current landscape’s system is configured, we can help!

How Can Irrigation Save Water And Money?

Irrigation has been making many North Carolina residents’ lives easier for decades by utilizing several tactics including but not limited to:

Drip Irrigation

Delivering water directly to plants’ roots, resulting in reduced evaporation and optimal nourishment.

Capturing and Storing Water

Water management including but not limited to pond management.

Irrigation Scheduling

Appropriate and calculate delivery. We understand how much and how often your plants need.

Drought-Tolerant Crops

We factor in and plan for North Carolina’s hot and humid months, where dehydration and droughts become more common. Enjoy what we like to call “additional crop per drop”.

Dry Farming

Go ahead and rely on soil moisture, it is alright.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Water Works Unlimited, we believe in investing in state of the art equipment. This equipment, coupled with trained experienced personnel to operate it, ensures high-quality work with minimal landscape disturbance.

Water Works Unlimited Inc. would love to answer any questions regarding residential irrigation services, landscape maintenance and repair, commercial irrigation services, spinkler installation, and other services we offer. Feel free to check out our frequently asked questions page to learn more about how our services can help you reach your landscaping goals

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Sprinkler Services and More:

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  • Reconditioning existing system
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  • Yearly maintenance programs available
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