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Water Works Unlimited Inc is a one-stop Raleigh irrigation company in the Triangle area. No sub-contractors! We take care of making all arrangements with the local, state, and national utilities to mark any buried pipelines or electric cables in the installation area. If needed, we work with the local water and sewer authority to make sure our customers can take advantage of any possible discounts for water usage or sewer charges. We offer our lawn care services in the following areas of North Carolina:

What are the benefits of an Irrigation System?

Irrigation and Landscape Benefits 

North Carolina is an extremely sunny state, which can make lawn maintenance challenging and tedious. Rather than neglecting your home or commercial property’s appearance, invest in our Raleigh landscaping services! There are numerous benefits to irrigation and lawn care such as:

  • Increase your home’s value
  • Save time! These systems can run on their own!
  • Minimize dust
  • Increased sequestration of carbon
  • Dust control
  • Heat reduction

Raleigh Landscaping InstallationHaving over 20 years of experience when it comes to Raleigh lawn care, we have helped dozens of homeowners and commercial property owners achieve their dream landscape. Our certified technicians are happy to provide custom project quotes free of charge. Because we invest in up-to-date, emerging technologies and equipment, we’re able to avoid drawn-out project completion times, budget increases, and distracting operating noise. If you’re in search of landscaping in Raleigh, NC, save money in the long run with us! Check us out on local and national directories to learn more about us.

What’s Included?

Drip Irrigation

Delivering water directly to plants’ roots, resulting in reduced evaporation and optimal nourishment.

Capturing and Storing Water

Water management including but not limited to pond management.

Irrigation Scheduling

Appropriate and calculate delivery. We understand how much and how often your plants need.

Drought-Tolerant Crops

We factor in and plan for North Carolina’s hot and humid months, where dehydration and droughts become more common. Enjoy what we like to call “additional crop per drop”.

Dry Farming

Go ahead and rely on soil moisture, it is alright.

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Lawn Service Details

  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Custom Designed and Installation
  • Installation Without Trenching
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Reconditioning existing system
  • All Brands available
  • Yearly maintenance programs available
  • Sales and Service of ALL BRANDS
  • Expert Installation
  • Certified Backflow Prevention Inspections
  • Best Quote Guaranteed
  • Free Estimates

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